Programme Note
Suspended began its life as a movement from the score for the Expressions Dance Company work When Time Stops and at its heart, it tells a simple story. A child (represented by the clarinet) moves from the care of its family (the strings) to a team of doctors (the brass) led by Cath Crock (the trumpet) and back again into the arms of its family. The suspended of the title has two intended resonances – one musical, in reference to the work’s initial, recurring chord, and secondly as an allusion to the stretched nature of time experienced in moments of duress. It is dedicated with love to Cath Crock, her team, and all whom they treat.

A word about the Hush 13 CD and Hush Project
The Hush Music Foundation and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra bring together twelve of Australiaʼs finest composers for the latest album in the Hush Collection.

The Magic Island, the latest album in the Hush Collection will be released in early November 2013 and is the boldest and biggest undertaking for the Hush Music Foundation yet. Never before have a full symphony orchestra and so many outstanding composers been involved in creating an album for the Hush Collection.

The composers whose pieces feature on the album are:

Peter Sculthorpe AO OBE
Brenton Broadstock
Ross Edwards
Iain Grandage
Paul Grabowsky
Stuart Greenbaum
Maria Grenfell
Matthew Hindson
Elena Kats-Chernin
Graeme Koehne
Paul Stanhope
Nigel Westlake

The Hush Music Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the Premier of Tasmania. All proceeds from the concert will go to the Hush Music Foundation, which supports childrenʼs hospitals throughout Australia.

An Australian isle full of noises, sounds and sweet airs indeed.
The Magic Island is the 13th CD in the Hush Collection brought out by the Hush Music Foundation, which supports Australian children’s hospitals, and designed to “provide comfort to children, parents and staff in hospital operating theatres, waiting areas, treatment rooms and, hopefully, beyond”.
Impeccably performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra under Benjamin Northey, and just as impeccably recorded, The Magic Island is exactly that: a world filled with the kinds of delights that only the finest Australian composers working for a good cause can deliver. This is apparent from the outset, with Paul Stanhope’s title work offering a sparkling, textured gateway into a magical world. Perhaps Maria Grenfell’s carefree Rock Hopping best sums up the remainder of the journey, as we skip from Matthew Hindson’s shimmering The Stars Above Us All and Nigel Westlake’s neo-classical mini-piano concerto Diving with George, through such works as Elena Kats-Chernin’s Dance of the Paper Umbrellas, Paul Grabowsky’s percussion-rich Cythera, Ross Edwards’ Ecstatic Dance and Peter Sculthorpe’s folky Pastorale to Iain Grandage’s soaring clarinet in Suspended and Graeme Koehne’s comforting Just Walk Beside Me… This is music of great therapeutic value, but all the works repay careful listening by encouraging a profound and healing meditative state.

Will Yeoman, Limelight Magazine



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