8th August 2015

Dances with Devils Premieres and broadcast

Claire Edwardes

My Percussion Concerto Dances with Devils, written for long time collaborator Claire Edwardes had its premiere last month with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra under Benjamin Northey and then the following week with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra under Nicholas Carter.

The reaction has been extraordinary. Audiences gave it standing ovations after every performance, and critics and players alike have been wildly enthusiastic in their praise. I was thrilled by the commitment and energy of all the performers involved – it’s a privilege to have one’s music played by such fine musicians.

You can hear it next Wednesday on ABC ClassicFM with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

And here are some reviews…

“★★★★★ In Claire Edwardes’ hands, Iain Grandage’s eclectic, new percussion concerto is spectacular. “  “Internationally acclaimed percussionist Claire Edwardes and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra joined forces to present a spectacular concert that was a testament to their calibre and stamina. Australian composer Iain Grandage’s thrilling new percussion concerto, Dances with Devils, was… the highlight of the afternoon concert” Delia Bartle, Limelight Magazine 27th July 2015

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“As a collaboration between percussionist Claire Edwardes and composer Iain Grandage, the four-movement work Dances with Devils took Australian gothic stories and depicted them in vividly dynamic ways, utilising an eclectic collection of instruments and effects, including slowly dipping tubular bells into water. Edwardes’ virtuosity combined with Grandage’s clever writing made for a particularly enjoyable aural feast.” Joel Carnegie , Sydney Morning Herald. July 19, 2015

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