Meow Meow – Vamp


Running Order:
1. La Vipère
2. Amnesia, Mon Amour
3. Poison
4. A Doll’s House
5. Fifteen Minutes of Femme
6. In This City
7. Alma Mahler Cradles the Head of Oskar Kokoschka on the Shore of a Blood Red Sea

IG’s Programme Note:

For a long time now, I have been drawn to the fin-de-siecle rottenness of Western Europe at the turn of the century before last. My lecturers at University spoke of the emancipation of dissonance, of opium pipes and absinthe, of tonality stretched to breaking point, of transgressive dancing and nudity. Certain salient facts stuck.
In composing a new set of cabaret songs with Meow, these threads (which had by now inveigled themselves deeper into my consciousness) suddenly found their focus. I found grandiose late romantic Mahlerian lushness inappropriately entwining itself with Piazzolla. Pierrot Lunaire was in my frontal lobe, making out with Ann Margret. A Weimar siren was plucking Jimmy Page’s guitar. These unearthly couplings eventually evolved into the seven songs that form the core of tonight’s concert for lost souls.
Needless to say, it’s been a thrill to work with Meow, but also with the band, who re-imagine things far beyond what I (or my old lecturers) could conceive.

Creative Team:

Original Music & Lyrics Meow Meow & Iain Grandage
Director Michael Kantor
Musical Director & Keyboards Iain Grandage
Set And Costume Designer Anna Tregloan
Lighting Designer Paul Jackson
Performed By Meow Meow
And The Orchestra of Wild Dogs :
Bass : Sam Anning
Piano : Iain Grandage
Reeds : Martin Kay
Violin/Trom : Igor Oskolkov
Kit : Ben Vanderwal


Meow Meow – Vamp

Seven Songs for the End of Time