30th April 2013

Barry Humphries, Meow Meow and ACO


It’s been my very great pleasure recently to work alongside three great institutions – the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian polymath Barry Humphries and my dear long-time collaborator Meow Meow on a concert presentation of Entartete Musik (‘degenerate music’) from between the wars. Details are on a separate page here, and the performances are still running as outlined below – it’s an ACO subscription concert series.

I reckon it’s great, but I’m biased. You can read less biased, more informed reviews here and here

Tues 23 Apr 8:00 PM, Angel Place
Wed 24 Apr 7:00 PM, Angel Place
Fri 26 Apr 1:30 PM, Angel Place
Sat 27 Apr 7:00 PM, Angel Place
Wed 1 May 8:00 PM, Brisbane Concert Hall
Fri 3 May 8:00 PM, Sydney Opera House
Sun 5 May 2:30 PM, Hamer Hall
Mon 6 May 8:00 PM, Hamer Hall
Tues 7 May 8:00 PM, Adelaide Town Hall
Wed 8 May 7:30 PM, Perth Concert Hall